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Craig Chandler Reveals Why He Resigned From PCAA Executive
Allegations Made By Chief Electoral Officer Against PGIBW & Craig Chandler

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Thursday, May 19, 2016 - Calgary, AB

(CALGARY) Recently, Craig Chandler announced that he was resigning from his elected position, by acclamation, on the Executive of the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta (PCAA). Chandler was adamant in all interviews that the reason for his resignation was not related to his comments about the Halal Zakat Tax and that he would soon provide clarification on his actual reasons for his resignation.

"My organization and I are being investigated under the Alberta Elections Act, specifically in regards to Section 162. It relates to former Alberta PC candidate Jagdeep Sahota. I do not feel that while this is ongoing that it was appropriate for me to serve on the Executive of the PCAA. My concerns are that this investigation may possibly become a focal point on the political landscape of Alberta. As a result, I do not feel that would be fair the PCAA, my party, during their crucial rebuilding phase. For these reasons I resigned and informed all inpiduals needing to be aware of this decision of mine. My intentions are that once these ongoing issues are resolved, I will seek to serve on the Executive of the PCAA at a future party convention.", said Craig Chandler, Executive Director of the Progressive Group for Independent Business (PGIB).

Glen Resler, Alberta's Chief Electoral Officer has made allegations against Craig Chandler regarding the Alberta Elections Act and the PGIB. Chandler will be aggressively defending himself against these vexatious accusations. Mr. Chandler has demanded a replacement of the main investigator in this matter. He has created a website to address these allegations and it may be seen at

Funding is being accepted to allow Craig Chandler and the PGIB to defend themselves.

"Elections Alberta does NOT operate as their mandate suggests. Elections Alberta is not transparent by any means. Elections Alberta is arguably the most influenced governmental body that exists. The Alberta Human Rights Commission allow those accused for human rights violations to know the names and information of their accusers. Even an Alternative Dispute Resolution process is in place. Not so with Elections Alberta; anyone may lodge a complaint under a complete veil of secrecy to that organization without fear as to how fictitious, slanderous, or vexatious the accusation may be. Elections Alberta will launch an investigation. All complaints are investigated. This has already cost PGIB and Chandler thousands of dollars and thousands more will need to be spent", Continued Craig Chandler.

The PGIB feels that a ruling against it as a third party organization will also have serious ramifications against political parties and/or other third parties, quite possibly even bona-fide charitable organizations, when they offer free events such as a Pancake Breakfast.

"I find it very unfortunate, and concerning, that since the NDP has taken power in Alberta, our organization is been harassed by Elections Alberta on two separate issues. Even the Office Of The Ethics Commissioner / Lobbyist Registrar Of Alberta is in constant communications with us. It feels like we are being subjected to witch hunt. I truly do not want the PCAA, the party that I am involved with, to be dragged into this matter." Concluded Craig Chander.

The PGIB feels that being victorious over these allegations will ensure that events like Pancake Breakfasts will continue and without government intervention. Third party organizations such as the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, Chamber of Commerce, Canadian Federation of Independent Business and the Progressive Group for Independent Business itself can continue these great traditions in Calgary and throughout Alberta.

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For more information or to interview Craig Chandler, please contact:

Joel Schulz, PGIB Communications Chair, at 403-720-2143 or on his cell at 587-707-5635
PGIB and Mr. Chandler's Legal Counsel is Denis Law. Please contact Mr. Jonathan Denis at 403-875-7499

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